​Breaking News!

Today, 03 May 2021, is a joyful day for Neptun Transport A/S.

​After 31 years with success in the transport market, we have today chosen to sell the share majority in our company (75%) to NTG A/S.

We have been so privileged, that over the years many mulitnational forwarding companies have been interested in buying our company. For this we have of course been proud and grateful.

But until today none of these earlier potential buyers could ensure us with what we value most:

- Same conditions for our employess

- Keeping the name of Neptun Transport

- Staying at our domicile as we are today

- Keeping our partners abroad

These were key points for us. NTG A/S in Denmark could guarantee these points, and therefore today we have have secured the future of our company.

​Mr. Peter Svendsen and Jakob Pedersen will still be partners and will run the company as they have done for many years.

​So to speak : Business as Usual

With NTG A/S as our mother company now, we will be able to step up to the highest level in this sector, and we are sure that the development of our company will continue to grow.

​If you have any questions, please contact Mr, Jakob Pedersen (jp@neptuntransport.dk) or Mr. Peter Svendsen (ps@neptuntransport.dk)

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