Neptun Green​

At NTG Neptun Transport, we take the environmental impact of our daily work very seriously, and it is a Top Priority for us to do all that we can to do our part, to work in a ”green” way in all aspects of our work, and to hereby contribute in a positive manner.

This work encompasses many aspects such as Energy, Waste Management, Conservation, Recycling and of course, Cleaner transport methods.

Our trucks are a Major Focus point

Of course, being a transport company, the actual vehicles making the transports are an important part of our impact. For this reason, we have had special focus on this, with the followinginitiatives.

  • All subcontractors/haulers have agreed to and signed our Environmental Policy
  • All trucks must be of at least EURO-6 motor standard by 2021—Most already are.
  • Fuel efficient driving methods are introduced to the drivers.
  • Alternative fuels for new trucks planned. We aim to have several LNG fueled trucks by 2021. This is however dependent on expansion of refueling options, which is currently poor in East Europe. In addition to this we are closely monitoring HVO Biodiesel and LNG BIO developments.

Working in our local environment

Everything starts at home, and this is no different for the environment. We have implemented a broad range of initiatives for this purpose, as mentioned below.

  • 100% Carbon Neutral/Green Electricity at our office and warehouse
  • Internal lighting is changed to LED and other low-energy consumption sources.
  • Consumption habits discussed in the office.
  • All plastic bottles for drinks banned, and water consumption switched to filtered tap water.
  • On/Off sensors installed for lighting to eliminate excess lighting.
  • Low energy consumption is prioritized when new office machines are acquired.
  • Usage of paper reduced through new work methods, use of new IT system.
  • ​All waste is sorted for recycling.

Plans for the near future

We have several initiatives planned for implementation in the near future, among these are:

  • Establishing recharging stations for electrical vehicles
  • Changing the car fleet of Neptun to hybrid/electrical vehicles – to be done in pace of needed exchange.
  • Changing of our domestic truck to hybrid/electricity within 1-2 years
  • Changing of forklifts to better emission standards​

Tree Planting Project - Plant et Træ

NTG Neptun Transport has agreed a sponsorship and partnership with the well-respected environmental organisation, Plant et Træ.

Plant et Træ has since 1988 been responsible for planting more than 1,5 million trees throughout Denmark, with a special focus on education for children. Their work is supported by contributions from private individuals, companies and foundations, always for the benefit of the general public and with an emphasis on learning as well. 

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