Legal Conditions

All transports are made in accordance with the conditions of Nordisk Speditørforbunds Almindelige Bestemmelser (NSAB2015). These conditions limit our responsibility for loss, depreciation or damage of goods to SDR 8,33/kg and for delays up to the freight amount, maximum SDR 50.000,00 pr. order. In warehousing matters, the forwarders total responsibility for one and the same incident, limited to SDR 50.000,00 (§25). Special attention is directed to the fact that claims against the forwarder are outdated after 1 year (§28), and the lien (§14) includes both current and earlier claims. Claims regarding the freight and so forth, must be paid regardless of of the terms of delivery of the trade conditions (§11).

General Conditions

  • Any claims against NTG Neptun Transport may not be deducted in payment of freight.
  • Time related transports are only valid with written confirmation from both parties involved, and any COD/CAD conditions must be informed us in writing from the start of any agreement.
  • We take reservations for any force majeure situations, such as governmental intervention etc, and changes in currency and fuel rates. All transports are made under the condition that the cargo is properly packed for transport by truck.
  • ADR cargo must be advised in writing to us from the start of any agreement, if not, we reserve the right to refuse the transport. Pallets and palletboxes are not exchanged.
  • All offers are given under the condition of acceptance within 30 days, otherwise the offers are no longer valid, unless otherwise agreed.

NTG Neptun Transport recommends all clients to take out a transport insurance. NTG Neptun Transport offers transport insurance on favorable conditions.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise agreed, standard payment terms are net 8 days. Outstanding invoices will be charged with 2% interest rate per month from payment date.

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