​The situation in all of Europe is continually changing rapidly, and many rumors are circulating.

What exactly is going to happen is difficult to foresee, but here are our current views/information:

  • Most countries have closed the borders to tourists
  • All countries have increased border control
  • All countries have so far strict conditions for cargo transports
  • All countries (currently) allow for cargo to transport to/from Denmark
  • Several countries have made restrictions regarding the nationality of the drivers

It is important to mention that it is currently difficult to know what exactly each country is accepting and not accepting in the future. This is changing almost hourly.
At this time, Neptun Transport A/S is still continuing as always to all of our areas. Of course there can be delays due to extra controls and waiting.
New laws/situations/force majeure can occur, which we of course cannot know in advance, but we will keep all updated.

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