Shortly before Christmas, the EU Court maintained a verdict brought to court by the Belgian Court, that a truck driver is no longer permitted to take his 45 hour break in his truck. Violation of this will result in considerable fines to both driver and hauler. The result of this verdict is that all drivers must now park their truck and trailer and then go to a hotel or similar and make the break there. France, Belgium and Germany have such laws, and in Denmark, the government has set aside funds for controlling that trucks do not park more than 24 hours on federal parking lots.

For many aspects, we can agree with the problems of overcrowded resting/parking areas, fair competion etc. But the main issues with this are:

– Not enough parking/resting areas for trucks
– Most drivers prefer to stay in their trucks, which they consider their “home”
– Who will pay for these hotels?
– With the big fines drivers risk to get, even fewer people will wish to be drivers.
– Already all of europe is missing drivers, this will only make it worse.

But worst of all is that, trailers will have to be left on parking areas without supervision as there are not enough parking areas with supervision, and the drivers will have to be in hotels several miles away. This means theives and criminals will have easy possibilities to steal from the trailers. This is a very big problem, which people who do not know about these conditions, have not considered. It is very regretable.