Unrest in Turkey

As most will have noticed, there has recently been unrest in Turkey with an attempted coup. NEPTUN Transport is continuing all transports to and from Turkey, however, som delays can occur.

We hope for your understanding, and will follow the situation closely.
Neptun Transport A/S

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We have good news concerning your shipments out of Turkey.

A general problem for export shipment from Turkey is “Redline” control. It is physically random customs check by the authorities, causing delays to several trucks each week.
As one of the few companies in Turkey, our agent Mars Logistics has recently achieved to get a customs certificate from the authorities, which means that customs clearance through […]

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Strikes and Blockades in Greece

There is currently extensive strike activity among the Greek farmers, which has resulted in some roads being blockaded for traffic. This can result in delays for our transports to and from Greece and Turkey. We are monitoring the situation closely and hope it will soon resolve itself.

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Change of bank

Please note that we have changed bank to Spar Nord Bank A/S
All account details are displayed in the invoice header

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Delays due to refugee situation – Updated 17.09

Due to the current situation with thousands of refugees moving through Europe, delays can occur in deliveries. We are experiencing large waiting times at various borders primarily due to increased controls, and partly due to there simply being many people at the borders, causing difficult situations. We are doing our best to minimize these delays, […]

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25 year Anniversary – Thank you!

On 26 of Feburary, Neptun Transport A/S celebrated our 25 year anniversay with a reception. We would like to thank everyone who came to our celebration, and in particular a special thanks to those who contributed a donation to “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” (The Danish Cancer Society), as per our request.

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New Partner in Slovakia

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership agreement with Cargo-Partner SR S.r.o., as our new partner in Slovakia.

Cargo-Partner SR S.r.o. has their own state of the art logistics center in Bratislava with extensive warehouse space and also has offices/facilities in Zilina, Dunajska Streda and Kosice, and offer full distribution services for all of […]

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New transport regulations in Hungary / EKAER

The Hungarian government has decided that as of 01.01.15 they will impose new regulations for transport of cargo to and from Hungary. These regulations are aimed at reducing collusion of VAT. This regulation is called EKAER.

This is still a very new matter, so there are untill now not many details, but basically these regulations require […]

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Increase in Czech Road Tax

As per 01.01.15, the Czech Republic has decided to increase the cost of the road tax for trucks.
This is equivalent to a 10% increase on the current rates.

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MARPOL Surcharge

EU has introduced stricter emission limits for the Baltic Sea with effect from 01.01.15. In light of this, SCANDLINES has created a so-called MARPOL surcharge, which will be charged to every truck travelling with the ferries.

Due to this, we have also created a MARPOL surcharge which relates to our clients in Sealand, Lolland-Falster and Bornholm, […]

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