The situation in all of Europe is continually changing rapidly, and many rumors are circulating.
What exactly is going to happen is difficult to foresee, but here are our current views/information:

Most countries have closed the borders to tourists
All countries have increased border control
All countries have so far strict conditions for cargo transports
All […]

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Easter Departures

We have now planned our departures around the Easter holidays. Please click here to see more

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Neptun turns 30!

On 1. february Neptun Transport turns 30! We would like to take the oppourtunity to thank all of our clients, business partners and colleagues for many good years. We look forward to many more!

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New IT System

On 01.02.2020 Neptun Transport will implement a brand new IT system. When it is fully integrated, we will have even better conditions to service our clients, and offer new more possibilities.

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As most are aware, the current situation in Iran has in the last week developed substantially. We are of course monitoring the situation, and are in continual contact with our partners, haulers and insurance to ensure that all aspects are under control.

With this in mind, we are still making our usual transports to Iran, and […]

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Departures at Christmas and New Year

We have now determined our departures around Christmas and New Year. They can be found by clicking on either Departures Import, Departures Dry Cargo Export, and Departures Temperature Cargo Export

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Increase in German MAUT in 2019

Departures around Easter 2019
Departures around Easter can be found and downloaded by clicking here.

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Ventetid på BG/GR grænse

Neptun Transport A/S oplever I øjeblikket kø på grænsen mellem Bulgarien og Grækenland grundet IT problemer på den bulgarske side. Dette kan give længere transit tid.

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New law re. Driver resting time

We direct your attention to several articles in the media re. parking limitations and control of trucks in resting areas in Denmark.

The decision made by the government and the Danish Peoples Party, made earlier this year in the Financial Law of 2018, will now take effect from 01.07.2018

In all public parking areas, trucks are as […]

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Long waiting time at Turkish Border

Currently there are very long waiting times at the Bulgarien/Turkish border. This is due to very long line of trucks, up to 27 km, waiting customs clearance. The Bulgarian customs has implemented a new computer system, and this is not functioning well as of yet.

It can take several days to pass the border at the […]

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