New transport regulations in Hungary / EKAER

The Hungarian government has decided that as of 01.01.15 they will impose new regulations for transport of cargo to and from Hungary. These regulations are aimed at reducing collusion of VAT. This regulation is called EKAER.

This is still a very new matter, so there are untill now not many details, but basically these regulations require […]

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Increase in Czech Road Tax

As per 01.01.15, the Czech Republic has decided to increase the cost of the road tax for trucks.
This is equivalent to a 10% increase on the current rates.

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MARPOL Surcharge

EU has introduced stricter emission limits for the Baltic Sea with effect from 01.01.15. In light of this, SCANDLINES has created a so-called MARPOL surcharge, which will be charged to every truck travelling with the ferries.

Due to this, we have also created a MARPOL surcharge which relates to our clients in Sealand, Lolland-Falster and Bornholm, […]

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