Kosovo declares independence

In the past weekend, Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. It is at this time difficult to say exactly what consequences this will have, but its safe to assume that this could cause periodic difficulties in transport to Kosovo, and thru Kosovo on the way to Macedonia and Albania. We are keeping a close eye on […]

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Large amounts of snow in Turkey & Greece

In the recent days, there has fallen large amounts of snow in Turkey and Greece , which has caused many roads to be closed and generally made conditions very difficult for transport. For this reason, delays should be expected with regards to transport to and from these countries. We advise our clients to contact us […]

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Faster transit time from Turkey

Starting 01.02.08, Neptun Transport will implement a new system for our imports from Turkey, which will result in a faster transit time, and faster delivery in Denmark. Upon loading in Turkey, we will place 2 drivers on at least one of our trucks from Istanbul. This will give us a fast truck to Denmark, and […]

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