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18 03 2020|0 Comments

The situation in Europe is changing from day to day.

Each country is making new restrictions, and in addition many rumors are circulating about what is right and wrong.
The EU Commision sent on monday evening information to all member states, which says among other things, how important it is to maintain the cargo flowing in Europe.

However, convergence of guidelines between the member states has not happened, so we are spending alot of time investigating what each countrys rules are, and taking action based on this.

  • Most countries have closed their borders for own citizens for non-critical trips.
  • Most countries have closed their borders for tourists/non-natives.
  • All countries have increased border security
  • All countries have increased restrictions about trucks with cargo.
  • All countries have allow (for now) al cargo transport to/from Denmark.
  • Several countries have restrictions about the nationality of the drivers.
  • Several countries require the driver to enter quarantine after unloading.
  • Turkey has currently banned 20 nationalities, including Denmark, from entering Turkey. This includes drivers.
  • Import cargo from several countries in Europe is challenged, as trucks that unload are not allowed to load back again, but must immediatly leave the country.
  • Several haulers are now keeping drivers home, so the truck capacity is suffering.

Everyone understands the seriousness of this situation, and we are certain our clients also know and understand that there can be challenges and delays with the transports.

Neptun Transport is continuing transports to all areas (except Iran).

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